Breakfast Meeting at ASMS 2017

Kick off a great day in Indianapolis with a good breakfast and great science!

High-Performance Microspray for Quantitative Analysis


Wednesday, June 7
6:45 AM - 8:15 AM


Indianapolis Convention Center
Room 130

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Hosted by:

Tim Garrett

Timothy Garrett
University of Florida

Amanda Berg

Amanda Berg
New Objective

Presentations by:

Cliff Phaneuf

Cliff Phaneuf    Genzyme
Using New Objective PicoChip for CETSA Analysis.
Case Study: Glucosylceramidase-Isofagomine

Brendon Kapinos

Brendon Kapinos    Pfizer
Low-flow Doesn’t Have to be Slow:
Development and Optimization of High-Throughput Micro-flow LC