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HALO® media, manufactured by Advanced Materials Technology, Inc., uses Fused-Core® particle technology developed to deliver hyper-fast chromatographic separations. Fused-Core technology creates a 0.5 µm porous shell fused to a solid core particle enabling HALO columns to deliver over twice the separating power of a column packed with 5 µm particles while maintaining their resolving power at high flow rates. Shorter columns and higher flow rates can be used to achieve remarkably fast high-resolution separations.

Magnified HALO particle

Magnified HALO particle

Advanced Materials Technology

HALO® Peptide ES

C18 / 2.7µm / 160Å
The newest line of HALO columns has been specifically engineered to separate higher molecular weight compounds such as peptides and small proteins. . These new columns contain advanced fused-core particles that have bigger pores, bonded with steric-protected C18 ligands to provide extra stability (ES) at low pH and high temperatures.


HALO is a trademarks of Advance Materials Technology, Inc.

Media Code: H039

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