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HALO® media, manufactured by Advanced Materials Technology, Inc., uses Fused-Core® particle technology developed to deliver hyper-fast chromatographic separations. Fused-Core technology creates a 0.5 µm porous shell fused to a solid core particle enabling HALO columns to deliver over twice the separating power of a column packed with 5 µm particles while maintaining their resolving power at high flow rates. Shorter columns and higher flow rates can be used to achieve remarkably fast high-resolution separations.

Magnified HALO particle

Magnified HALO particle

Advanced Materials Technology


2.7µm / 90Å
The unbonded silica HALO HILIC phase can be used for traditional normal-phase separations or for hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC). HILIC is a complimentary method to RP chromatography and is particularly effective for separating highly polar compounds that are not well retained by RP HPLC. It is especially suited to separations using MS detection.


HALO is a trademarks of Advance Materials Technology, Inc.

Media Code: H038

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