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HALO® media, manufactured by Advanced Materials Technology, Inc., uses Fused-Core® particle technology developed to deliver hyper-fast chromatographic separations. Fused-Core technology creates a 0.5 µm porous shell fused to a solid core particle enabling HALO columns to deliver over twice the separating power of a column packed with 5 µm particles while maintaining their resolving power at high flow rates. Shorter columns and higher flow rates can be used to achieve remarkably fast high-resolution separations.

Magnified HALO particle

Magnified HALO particle

Advanced Materials Technology

HALO® RP-Amide

RP / 2.7µm / 90Å
HALO RP-Amide columns provide enhanced selectivity for samples containing acidic and basic compounds and are an excellentoption when a C18 or C8 phase fails to provide an adequate separation. The HALO RP-Amide columns are well suited for the separation of highly water soluble compounds that require high aqueous mobile phases, since the polar amide group ensures that the stationary phase is fully "wettable", even when using 100% aqueous mobile phases.


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Media Code: H037

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