In-House Chemistries

Michrom's Magic media has highly efficient bonding and end-capping to eliminate harmful silanol group residues.

Magic AQ®

C18 / 3 µm & 5 µm / 200 Å
Magic C18 AQ is a special reversed-phase material for separating a broad spectrum of hydrophilic analytes that show no retention on other reversed-phase materials. Strongly polar samples soluble only in water can be separated using Magic C18 AQ. Magic C18 AQ can also be used to separate hydrophobic compounds like other C18 or ODS phases. The primary separation mechanism for Magic C18 AQ is hydrophobic interaction.


3 µm Media Code: H253
5 µm Media Code: H252

Magic is a trademark of Michrom, a division of Bruker Daltonics.

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