In-House Chemistries

Our own ProteoPep chemistries produce sharp peaks, low back pressures and high resolution results for a wide range of peptide and protein analyses.

New Objective

ProteoPep™ II

Spectra of 0.05 ng sample analyzed by 10 cm PicoFrit column packed with ProteoPep II

Above, a PicoFrit column packed with 5 cm of 5µm ProteoPep II C18 was used to analyze a 0.05 ng peptide sample at 300 nL/min. Gradient: 29 min. to 50% B.

C4, C8, C18 / 5µm / 300Å
Our premier in-house sorbent, ProteoPep II produces sharper peaks with less noise compared to original ProteoPep. ProteoPep II supplies improved bonding and peptide recovery, making it the ideal choice for peptide mapping, purification, and high-peptide runs.


Media Code: C4 H004
Media Code: C8 H005
Media Code: C18 H002

ProteoPep is a trademark of New Objective, Inc.

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