In-House Chemistries

Our own ProteoPep chemistries produce sharp peaks, low back pressures and high resolution results for a wide range of peptide and protein analyses.

New Objective

ProteoPep™ III

Spectra of 0.05 ng sample analyzed by 10 cm PicoFrit column packed with ProteoPep III

PicoFrit column (75 µm ID x 15 µm tip) packed with 10 cm of 1.8 μm particle ProteoPep III C18; 100 fmol; 20 min. gradient to 50% B at 300 nL/min.; Temp. 50°C; Pressure 3,800 psi

C18 / 1.8µm / 80Å
The newest addition to the ProteoPep line of chromatography media, thishigh-performance chemstry produces excellent analyses for acidic, basic, and neutral compounds. Double endcapping produces a highly deactived stationary phase resulting in superior peak shape and high efficiency.


PicoFrit columns are the perfect format for fast-gradient chromatography. Packed with any of our sub-3 µm particle sorbents, PicoFrit columns deliver ultra-high- performance results.

Media Code: H003

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