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Hypercarb columns provide enhanced retention of polar compounds, can separate structurally related analytes, and are exceptional stable at pH extremes and high temperatures.

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PGC / 5 µm, 7 µm / 250 Å
Hypercarb porous graphitic carbon (PGC) is a unique material composed of fully porous individual spherical particles. At the molecular level, it is composed of flat sheets of hexagonally arranged carbon atoms. These carbon atoms have a fully satisfied valence. The selectivity of the Hypercarb packing is different than the selectivity of silica-based and polymeric phases. Hypercarb excels at the separation of highly polar compounds with closely related structures. and is totally stable across the entire pH range of 0-14. It can be used for both normal and reversed phase separations.



Media Code 5 µm: H062
Media Code 7 µm: H063

Hypecarb is a trademark of Thermo Scientific.

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