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Hypersil GOLD® PFP (pentafluorophenyl) columns build on the performance of Hypersil GOLD silica by providing excellent peak shapes while also offering alternative selectivity in reversed phase chromatography compared to alkyl chain phases by introducing a fluorine group into the stationary phase for significant changes in solute-stationary phase interaction.

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Hypersil GOLD® PFP

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C18 / 1.9 µm, 3 µm, 5 µm / 175 Å
Hypersil GOLD PFP provides improvements in analysis speed, peak shape and sensitivity over other fluorinated phases. The introduction of fluorine groups into the stationary phase causes significant changes in solute-stationary phase interactions. This can lead to extra retention and selectivity for positional isomers of halogenated compounds. Hypersil GOLD PFP Columns are also well suited to the selective analysis of non-halogenated compounds, in particular polar compounds containing hydroxyl, carboxyl, nitro, or other polar groups. High selectivity is often most apparent when the functional groups are located on an aromatic or other rigid ring system.


Media Code: H075 - 1.9µm
Media Code: H076 - 3µm
Media Code: H072 - 5µm

Hypersil GOLD is a registered trademark of Thermo Scientific.

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