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Based on highly pure silica, Hypersil GOLD® provides symmetrical peaks, even when analyzing compounds that give notoriously poor peak shape on traditional C18 or L1 chemistries.

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Hypersil GOLD® C18

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C18 / 1.9 µm, 5 µm / 175 Å
Outstanding peak shape results in greater sensitivity. When peaks exhibit tailing, peak height is reduced, therefore compromising the sensitivity of the analysis. The highly symmetrical peaks provided by Hypersil GOLD enhance peak height and allow for optimised peak integration calculations. This can be particularly critical when low concentrations of an analyte are present, for example in an impurity assay.


Media Code: H071 - 1.9µm
Media Code: H070 - 5µm

Hypersil GOLD is a registered trademark of Thermo Scientific.

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