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XTerra® allows chromatographers to use high pH for drug discovery, method development and purification separations.

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C18 / 5 µm / 125 Å
XTerra-packed columns combine the best properties of silica and polymers with the revolutionary patented* Hybrid Particle Technology, which replaces one out of every three silanols with a methyl group during synthesis. This hydrophobicity is distributed through the entire structure of the particle backbone, resulting in a rugged hybrid (inorganic/organic) particle that can be operated at high speeds, high temperatures, and high pH. The presence of 33% fewer residual silanols (after endcapping and bonding) also means that XTerra columns give exceptionally sharp, high-efficiency peaks for basic compounds.


Media Code: H110

XTerra is a registered trademark of Waters Corporation.
*Waters U.S. Patent No. 6,686,035 B2

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