IntegraFrit Nanospray Columns

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Control & Flexibility

IntegraFrit™ columns are the building blocks of your high performance analytical method. The exceptional flexibility, consistency and stability are the hallmark of these non-metal fritted columns, and allow the full potential of nanospray to be harnessed with the benefits of superior control and performance independent of your analysis platform.

Consistency You Can Count On

IntegraFrit column magnified

Like PicoFrit® columns, IntegraFrit columns are fabricated from 360 µm OD, polyimide-coated, fused-silica tubing, but without a tip. The fritted end of the fused-silica column is polished flat to ensure a clean connection to your emitter of choice or to the inlet of a second column. Each IntegraFrit column has an integral high-porosity frit, behind which is the packed chromatography bed. The frit virtually eliminates peak tailing caused by other extra-column frits.

Versatile Reliability

Coupling columns of the same or different resin materials is often employed in complex proteomic digest analysis. Despite enhanced separation, multidimensional columns are costly, and initiate post-column through dead-volume introduction. Using transparent, true zero-dead-volume PicoClear™ unions in conjunction with IntegraFrit columns, flush connections can easily be achieved, and rapid swap-out of column materials is made possible. Data collected using bench-top assembled columns demonstrate negligible resolution loss.

Bi-Phasic IntegraFrit Columns

IntegraFrit columns are exceptional for biphasic and multi-dimensional analysis. Combining your preferred chemistry with SCX media in a single bed eliminates excesses of both swept- and dead- volumes.

Multi-phasic columns can also be produced according to customer specification. Contact New Objective for more information and pricing.

Self-Pack IntegraFrit Columns

Self-pack IntegraFrit column: fritted column ready for connection

Like PicoFrit columns, IntegraFrit columns are available without media, fritted and ready to be packed in your lab. But IntegraFrits can be used in a number of ways...

Magnified IntegraFrit filter before the introduction of contaminated water and particulates

The same magnified IntegraFrit filter after two hours of filtering contaminated water


Chromatograh showing IntegraFrit performance

Left: Angiotensin chromatographic data collected with each of 3 column-union configurations: A) a single 30 cm C18 PicoFrit column, B) a 20 cm C18 IntegraFrit Column + a 10 cm C18 PicoFrit column, and C) two 10 cm C18 IntegraFrit columns + a 10 cm C18 PicoFrit column. In all cases, a zero-dead-volume PicoClear union was used. Injection: 0.25 ng total peptide; Flow rate: 300 nL/min.; Gradient: 2% - 50% B over 70 min.

IntegraFrit coupled to a PicoFrit using a PicoClear union.

Above: A 10 cm PicoFrit column is connected to a 20 cm IntegraFrit column using a PicoClear union with no extra volume added. The connected columns perform as well as the original 30 cm length intact column.

IntegraFrit Column Specifications

Contact New Objective for pricing.
Academic institutions receive a 5% discount on PicoChip columns. Academic discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

PicoFrit, PicoChip, and IntegraFrit columns are available packed with any of our available premier chemistries. Please contact New Objective for more information on any configuration not listed here.

PicoFrit/PicoChip columns are manufactured under U.S. Patents 5,997,746 and 6,190,559 and are sold for use under license of U.S. Patent 5,572,023. Other patents pending.