PicoChip Column in hand

PicoChip is nanoViper™ ready!


What is a PicoChip®?

It's all of the items you're using now - electrospray emitter, chromatography column, high-voltage union, and transfer line - but instead of having to assemble all of that yourself, we've done it for you.

Inside - PicoFrit is the workhorse.

The industry-proven PicoFrit is a pulled-tip emitter, that is factory-fritted to provide a stable base for the chromatography bed. The frit ensures that the chromatography media is distributed evenly and that individual particles do not lodge into the taper or occlude flow.

Through-the-Roof Sensitivity

The pulled-tip format of the PicoFrit column inside the PicoChip means that there is no post-column loss, no post-column mixing, and therefore no band-broadening. You're spraying right off of the end of the column, after all, so peaks are sharper and sensitivity goes way up.

No fiddly-bits

The PicoFrit, the voltage union, the fused-silica tubing; they're nothing new, right? What's new is that they are all assembled and ready for use right out of the box - factory-tested connections, flow-tested columns, machine-inspected tips.

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PicoFrit, PicoChip, and IntegraFrit columns are available packed with any of our available premier chemistries.
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PicoFrit/PicoChip columns are manufactured under U.S. Patents 5,997,746 and 6,190,559 and are sold for use under license of U.S. Patent 5,572,023. Other patents pending.