How Does PicoChip Work?

In just over 60 seconds, you can be running high-performance nanospray in your lab using the proven technology incoprated into every PicoChip column. Watch as the original source is removed and PicoChip is installed.

5-Minutes: From Box to Data Collection

  1. Install PicoChip source
    Install PicoChip source
  2. Mount PicoChip on stage
    Place PicoChip on stage
  3. Perfectly aligned
    Perfectly positioned
  4. Column is retracted
    Before voltage key insertion
  5. Connect feedline to pump
    Connect pigtail to pump
  6. Push button to engage
    Insert voltage key
  7. Column tip is exposed
    After voltage key insertion
  8. Collect data
    Collect data
  1. Install PicoChip source
  2. Place PicoChip on the kinematic, magnetic stage. No tools are required, no thumb screws to tighten.
  3. Factory-validated stage geomtery and PicoChip design ensure perfect placement in realtion to the inlet.
  4. The column tip is still safely retracted into the PicoChip body
  5. Connect the feedline of the PicoChip to your LC pump or valve - use fused silica or nanoViperâ„¢
  6. Engage the voltage connection and expose the emitter by pushing in the activiation button
         The voltage key completes the voltage connection inside the PicoChip and exposes the column tip for spraying
  7. Column emiiter in spray position
         Engage interlock safety switch on the source
  8. Your PicoChip System is ready to collect data!

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* Price valid only for U.S. Sales. Offered price is for Reprosil-packed10.5 cm picoChips only. Call for pricing for alternative chemistry options.

PicoFrit, PicoChip, and IntegraFrit columns are available packed with any of our available premier chemistries.
Please contact New Objective for more information on any configuration not listed here.

PicoFrit/PicoChip columns are manufactured under U.S. Patents 5,997,746 and 6,190,559 and are sold for use under license of U.S. Patent 5,572,023. Other patents pending.