PicoFrit Nanospray Columns

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Optimal Sensitivity & Reliability

Perfect spray

PicoFrit with perfectly formed plume

PicoFrit® nanospray columns ensure the highest possible performance, combining powerful chemistries with a novel format that eliminates post-column loss. Designed and tested for applications that require optimal peak shape and ultimate sensitivity, these columns provide unsurpassed performance, reliability and ruggedness.

The Ultimate LC-MS Platform

Patented PicoFrit columns combine the consistency and reliability of our PicoTip emitters with the flexibility and control of a standard IntegraFrit™ column into a single, zero-dead-volume column. Spraying directly off of the outlet of the column, the PicoFrit format eliminates post column loss, increases sensitivity and provides the sharpest peaks. The integral frit in the tip provides a stable bed for a variety of chromatography media. This technology ensures consistent dispersion and less clog-inducing particle destruction, which keeps back pressures lower.

PicoFrit Illustrated

Clog-Resistant & Cost-Efficient

With no emitter to be attached, there's no emitter to clog. The particulates that clog an emitter are generally introduced at the junction between the column and the emitter. The emitter of a PicoFrit is the column, and therefore, far less likely to clog. The column bed itself protects the emitter taper from backing up with debris.

PicoFrit columns are more economical than a standard tip-column configuration. Save setup time with no emitters to connect and cut costs associated with fittings required for connection.

Bi-Phasic PicoFrit Columns

Biphoasic PicoFrit Column

PicoFrit columns are the perfect format for biphasic and multi-dimensional analysis. Combining your preferred chemistry with SCX media in a single bed eliminates excesses of both swept- and dead- volumes.

Multi-phasic columns can also be produced according to customer specification. Contact New Objective for more information and pricing.

Self-Pack PicoFrit Columns

PicoFrit Self Pack ColumnUnpacked PicoFrit columns are available with and without a standard conductive coating. Trim an empty PicoFrit to the specified size for your source to make a robust, fritted nanospray emitter. If you prefer to pack your own columns, these empty PicoFrit columns are shipped 50 cm in length, ready for your packing.

Self-Pack PicoFrits can also be used as an emitter coupled to your chromatography column. The fritted tip helps prevent particles from the column or debris from the connector from clogging the tip.

Anatomy of a PicoFrit Column

PicoFrit Anatomy

Column dimensions: 360 µm OD x 75 µm ID x 15 µm tip opening

A magnified view of a PicoFrit column packed with 5 µm C18 media. The fritted tip keeps the media from packing too tightly into the taper, reducing clogging and keeping back pressures low. A magnified view of the junction in the PicoFrit column where the chromatography bed meets the frit illustrates the integrity of the column head. The fritted tip of the PicoFrit column (15 µm opening) provides a solid base for the packed bed.

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Academic institutions receive a 5% discount on PicoChip columns. Academic discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

PicoFrit, PicoChip, and IntegraFrit columns are available packed with any of our available premier chromatography media. Please contact New Objective for more information on any configuration not listed here.

PicoFrit/PicoChip columns are manufactured under U.S. Patents 5,997,746 and 6,190,559 and are sold for use under license of U.S. Patent 5,572,023. Other patents pending.