Test Standard for Nanospray LC-MS

PicoSure Test Standard

Introducing New Objective's latest tool for high-performance nanospray LC-MS. This custom-crafted equimolar mixture of 7 synthetic peptides will help provide confidence that your nanospray experiment is valid and therefore will provide optimal results.

Each vial contains an equimolar mixture of seven synthetic peptides with a total of 100 picomoles of each peptide. The synthetic peptides are highly pure (> 95%) and ensure a long shelf life.

PicoSure... To be sure

  • Peptide standard to certify your column and ensure results
  • Equimolar mixture of 7 protease-free, high-purity, synthetic peptides
  • Peptides elute throughout the chromatographic gradient
  • Use regularly to assess your column's performance and validate your system
  • Dilute and shoot: ready to use, just add mobile phase!
# Sequence Molecular
Weight (Da)
Observed Retention
Time (min)
1 LGGGPGGGDFR 988.4762 495.2436 14.65
2 LLGGPGGDFR 987.5138 494.7642 17.27
3 DRVYIHPF 1045.5345 523.7745 18.17
4 pEHWSYGLRPG 1182.5570 592.2858 18.53
5 LLLGPGDFR 986.5549 494.2847 20.48
6 LLLPLDFR 985.5961 493.8053 23.43
7 LLLLPLDFR 1098.6801 550.3473 25.12

PicoChip column: 75µm ID x 15µm tip x 105mm Reprosil-PUR AQ C18 3µm 200Å; 30 minute gradient, 2%-50% B


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