PicoTip nanospray Emitters

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SilicaTip™ Emitters

SilicaTip emitters are capable of hundreds of hours of continuous operation (more than 800 hours with MeOH/water/acetic acid mobile phase) without a loss of coating. These emitters are engineered for continuous-flow nanospray in a 20-1,000 nL/min. range. Each SilicaTip must pass rigorous video inspections and conform to stringent specifications to ensure the highest performance nanospray emitter.

SilicaTip with 20µm ID and 10µm tip
Scanning electrom microscope photo of a SilicaTip with 15µm tip

(Top) Fused-silica SilicaTip with a 20µm ID and 10 µm tip; (bottom) Scanning electron microscope photograph of a SilicaTip with a 15µm tip

Pre-Cut SilicaTips

SilicaTip emitters are also available pre-cut and polished to the exact length needed for your particular mass spec/source configuration, whether for Waters, Thermo, or AB SCIEX systems. Pre-cut means that there is no need to cleave the end of the emitter yourself prior to connection–it's ready to use right out of the box.

Fritted SilicaTips

A fritted SilicaTip (also known as a Self-Pack PicoFrit) provides a nanospray emitter that is virtually clog-free. The fritted SilicaTip is a popular choice when the application demands cleanliness within the fluid path as well as high performance sample preparation methods.

Self-Pack PicoFrit

Fritted SilicaTip emitter acts as a filter or can be packed as a column